2019 General Assembly meeting – 25-26 June, Augsburg (Germany)

Paris, France, February 2019 – The 2019 General Assembly meeting, originally scheduled for April, has been postponed to 25 and 26 June and will be held as planned in Augsburg, Germany. On this occasion, Efus, the German forum (DEFUS) and the … More

Kickoff meeting of the EU’s Urban Agenda on the security of public spaces

Paris, France, January 2019 – Efus, which is the coordinator together with the cities of Nice (FR) and Madrid (ES) of the new Partnership on the security of public spaces of the European Union’s Urban Agenda, organised the kickoff meeting on … More

European local authorities mobilise against radicalisation

Paris, France, February 2019 – The European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) promotes the sharing of experiences among European local authorities according to the principle of “cities helping cities.” Below are some of the initiatives taken by our member local authorities to … More

Mitigating open drug scenes with supervised drug consumption rooms: Essen’s (Germany) experience

Essen, Germany, January 2019 – A group of 25 representatives of European municipalities and civil society organisations that are partner in the Efus-led Solidify European project took part in a two-day study visit in Essen (Germany) about harm reduction schemes … More

Efus 2019: consolidating its well-established expertise, broadening its areas of work, strengthening international cooperation

Paris, France, January 2019 – An expertise in urban security that is increasingly recognised, broader areas of work, more cooperation with its European partners and new partnerships beyond Europe, and new European projects: Efus starts the new year with a … More

BRIDGE: a new European project on preventing polarisation and radicalisation

Paris, France, January 2019 – How can local authorities act to reduce polarisation in their local communities, which renders them more vulnerable to radicalisation? This is the central question to which the European project “BRIDGE – Building resilience to reduce … More