Efus General Assembly 2010 – Berlin How cities reconcile security and fundamental rights

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This year’s EFUS General Assembly was hosted by the German Congress on Crime Prevention – associated member of the Forum – and was part of the 15th edition of this annual event, which brought together almost 4000 experts and practitioners of crime prevention. The EFUS General Assembly had merged with the “Annual International Forum (AIF)” to become this year’s international Forum within the Congress.

The organisation of our General Assembly in Germany reflected the dynamic engagement the Forum has been able to create with its German members over the last 18 months to extend the circle of its members and to foster its activities in Germany. As an important step in this direction the General Assembly in Berlin has created a German EFUS section, the German European Forum for Urban Security “(D)EFUS”.

“EFUS meets Germany, Germany meets EFUS” was the backdrop to our 2010 General Assembly. Contributing to a European and international dimension of the German Congress was of particular interest given the changing nature of this context. Current evolutions include the coming into force of the Lisbon treaty, the deliberations on implementing the new Stockholm programme, two separate commissioners for justice and home affairs or at international level the new action plan of the 12th UN Congress on Crime Prevention.

Thematically, the General Assembly was therefore dedicated to one of the core issues of urban security:  “How cities reconcile security and fundamental rights”. In three sessions – considering the context of immigration, technological developments and citizen-participationj – this question was analysed and discussed in detail, before returning ultimately to the European and international context presented at the beginning: Do these new orientations help cities in their efforts to ensure security and fundamental rights?

With respect to EFUS’ internal development, Berlin was an Extraordinary General Assembly, as changes to the statues were adopted: These changes included an increase in the number of members of the Executive Committee from 21 to 27 within in increase in the country quota from 3 to 5 and  a change in the English translation of the ‘Forum Européen pour la Sécurité Urbaine’ from European Forum for Urban Safety to European Forum for Urban Security.


Programme of the EFUS General Assembly/AIF

Overall programme of the German Congress on Crime prevention

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