General Assembly – 24 June 2015, Paris (France)

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On 24th June 2015, the 2015 General Assembly will be hosted in the city of Paris (France). 


For registration, programme and practical information, please visit Efus Network by clicking the link below.

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If you have not received your login and password to enter Efus Network, please contact Elsa Fontanille –

On the day of the General Assembly (24th June), members will have the opportunity to take part in field visits relating to the themes of security and tourism and nightlife. The Executive Committee will also meet to hold one of its semiannual meetings.

Logo S&T RVBFurthermore, the European conference Security and Tourism: Local Policies and Practices will take place in Paris on 25th June, directly following the General Assembly. This conference is designed to mobilise cities and their partners from all over Europe. Representatives from cities and European institutions, private sector stakeholders and experts will hold discussions on these questions: hosting large events, managing nightlife and how public spaces are shared, but also creating partnerships, using ad hoc tools and improving the city’s image.

Members are invited to register for the conference when they complete their registration for the General Assembly.